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What Our Customers are Saying

Let our customers tell you why Gigson is the right choice for your project.

I would rate the overall quality of the developers hired through Gigson as satisfactory. They met our expectations in terms of expertise and professionalism, and project completion. Gigson has been a helpful resource in finding capable developers who can deliver outstanding results for our projects.

Douglas Kendyson

Founder and CEO of Selar

My experience with Gigson was excellent. Before using their service, I struggled to find tech talents on other platforms. Gigson surpassed my expectations, completing all my tech hiring needs within two weeks. I received outstanding resumes and prospects. I'm very satisfied with their service.

Esther Thompson

Talent Acquisition Specialist

I would rate the overall quality of the developers hired through Gigson as excellent. They met our expectations in terms of skillset, professionalism, and project delivery.
Gigson has consistently provided us with top-tier talent, making our hiring process seamless and effective.

Fanan Dala

Senior Engineer at Lemonade Finance

Developer hiring on Gigson has been incredibly helpful. We've received numerous applicants, making the experience generally very positive. The platform is user-friendly and useful in connecting us with skilled developers. I highly recommend Gigson for anyone looking to hire tech talent.

Oluwatosin Makinde

Senior Engineer

Gigson is a good product. It's well-structured yet flexible enough to handle unique searches. The platform is designed to adapt to various hiring needs, making it reliable for tech recruitment.
I've had a positive experience using it.

Olu Akin

Senior Project Manager

I received some good responses and was able to connect with qualified candidates. Gigson made the hiring process easier and more streamlined. Overall, a positive experience.

Tolulope Adeniyi

Senior Mobile and Web Developer

Our developer met our expectations. I would rate her an 8/10. Gigson provided us with a candidate who fit our criteria well. The platform made it easy to find the right talent for our needs.

Choice Iruh

HR Manager for Digicore

For me, the process was smooth. I hired a good developer and received several strong submissions. Gigson made the hiring process efficient and effective. I’m pleased with the results and would recommend it for tech recruitment.

Anthony Ugwu

Senior Developer

I found Gigson very useful. It streamlined our hiring process and connected us with a pool of qualified candidates quickly. The platform is efficient and user-friendly, making it a great tool for tech recruitment.

Koye Sodipo

Senior product manager

Gigson's job services have been good. The platform has consistently delivered quality candidates, making our hiring process smoother and more efficient. I appreciate the reliability and ease of use.

Peter Akinbode

Team Lead for 4Ten Solutions

I gathered many talented people who applied through Gigson. They had no trouble filling the vacancy, and the process was efficient. The platform effectively connects employers with qualified candidates.

Gbolahan Allen

Senior Software Developer

It's been really good. Gigson operates as an open hiring system, making connecting with a wide range of candidates easy. The platform’s transparency and accessibility have been beneficial for our recruitment needs..

Sowemimo Bamidele

Business Designer

Posting opportunities on Gigson is relatively easy, and I have many qualified candidates. The strengths of Gigson are in full-stack, backend, frontend & design hires. Keep up the great work! This platform has streamlined our hiring process significantly and consistently delivers top talent.

Mohammed Kane

Senior project manager

The process was pretty smooth, and I got a couple of candidates through Gigson. The platform is user-friendly and effective in finding qualified talent. Overall, a positive experience.

Akinpeju Yusuf

Senior Frontend Developer

It was good, and many people applied. Gigson encouraged a strong response from candidates, making the hiring process easier and more efficient. I'm satisfied with the service.

Samuel Balogun

Product Designer

I received an overwhelming number of applications, with over 30% of candidates being exceptionally qualified, providing me with many choices for my hiring needs.



The developers hired met our expectations in terms of skillset, professionalism, and project delivery. Gigson has been a valuable resource for finding qualified developers who fit well within our projects.

Joy Kanu

Business Development

I would rate the developers hired through Gigson as very good. The quality of candidates is generally high, and they have met our expectations across the board. Gigson is a reliable platform for sourcing talented developers.

Solomon Robert

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Unleash peak productivity with managed developers

Top 4% of the talent tool with Devcenter
assessment profile.
Human talent manager to ensure developer
performs at their best.
Free talent replacement incases of churn or under- performance.
All statutory fees handled by our team.

Building with Confidence

Over 100 companies choose developers via Gigson.

70% overall improvement in performance: A Gigson hire led to major improvements in elderly healthcare.
Trove Finance
Ventures Platform-backed Startup hires a Gigson developer to scale its infrastructure.
Top Fintech Company Hires Two Developers to Accelerate Product Development - moves at 3x speed.

What people are saying

"There's more clarity to the game-plan than before…It is easier to contain a lot of errors and a lot of mistakes compared to before Beam, where you realize those things at the end of the process."
- Deniyi, COO/Co-Founder | FAMILY
"Personally, Beam has helped me with my managerial skills. It has also helped me in being able to articulate my displeasure when things are not how they are supposed to be."
- Inioluwa, Business Operations Lead | Engage
"There's a positive psychology to Beam, even with me. Now employees know that this is what we are all trying to achieve as a company, and this is your contribution to achieving that goal."
- Desola, CEO | Twentysix

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