A Gigson hire led to major improvements in elderly healthcare.

Gerocare’s platform needed intensive care so they hired a Gigson developer to resolve the problems remotely.

Gerocare is a subscription-based healthcare service for the elderly. They provide access to regular doctor’s home visits for health checkups. They share medical reports with you and doctors are available for remote consultations.

The platform has grown tremendously since its launch. The increase in usage brought a new set of challenges. It became very slow to access webpages and it took too much data and time for a page to be delivered to a user. On average, over five thousand queries were running on a single page, with a page size of 45MB and a load time of 4-5mins. The topmost priority for Gerocare's technical team was to improve those metrics and the first step was to find the right developer to hire.

Within the first three weeks, our developer improved the queries by 99.8 per cent, reduced the load time to less than 300ms, and decreased the average page size by 88 per cent.

We provided Gerocare with shortlisted candidates who could perform well in the role and fit into their company culture. There was an urgency to onboard a new developer and our process helped to hire a qualified candidate who could get started remotely.

Gerocare began onboarding their Gigson developer within two weeks. Our talent success manager, Zion, ensured a smooth onboarding process and aligned the company goals with the developer's tasks. The developer started working on the poor metrics and improved the queries by 99.8%, reduced the load time to less than 300ms, and decreased the average page size by 88%.

Making lives easier with brand new features.

After solving the first set of issues, the developer moved on to pending tasks on the company's product map. They wanted to add some new features to the existing platform.

The developer built a self-service feature for doctors to register autonomously. Although registration is still subject to approval by Gerocare's admin, the self-service registration feature is a huge improvement on the functionality of the platform.

Hiring a Gigson developer made it possible for Gerocare to improve the performance of their platform and also include new features in less than 90 days. The team at Gerocare is excited to be working with a Gigson developer and looks forward to a continued partnership.

GeroCare was developed as a subscription-based service for parents and the elderly that gives them access to regular doctor's home visits.

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