Ventures Platform backed Startup hires a Gigson developer to scale its infrastructure.

Trove Finance needed to overhaul their infrastructure to support their rapid growth. They also wanted to improve the reliability and security of their services.

Trove finance makes it possible for anyone in Africa to buy stocks in American, Chinese, and Nigerian companies, including bonds and ETFs. The company recently announced that it crossed over 1 billion Naira in trades. The growth came with challenges that included scaling its infrastructure to support the increase in downloads and usage of the Trove app.

Co-Founders, Austin and Ope, reached out to Gigson’s recruitment lead to hire an experienced developer to rebuild the backend of their product. They wanted a developer who was versatile enough to support the existing codebase while building a new one from scratch with new features and improvements to security and scalability.

We achieved a fully remote developer hire, onboarding, and integration to the Trove team in a matter of weeks.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the team needed to hire a developer who could work remotely. In a short period of time, Ope (Trove’s CTO/Co-Founder) was able to select and hire a developer. The onboarding and integration process was done entirely remotely with the help of our talent success manager.

At first, getting the developer settled and up to speed was challenging. We needed to manage effective communication while the Trove team was solving some existing problems. Our talent success manager implemented strategies that effectively improved communication and the developer began to work at full capacity.

Building a stronger framework to handle security, high concurrency, and traffic.

Ope implemented a new tech strategy to achieve a rock-solid application for the millions of trades happening on the Trove app daily. Hiring a Gigson developer made it possible to advance to this new strategy and add new features from users and other partners.

Trove Finance is a micro-investing application that allows Nigerians to invest in the US and Chinese stock exchanges.

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