Top Fintech Company Hires Two Gigson Developers to Accelerate Product Development

As demand for their services increased, Riby needed Developers to ship features and accelerate the progress of their suite of products to meet their customer’s needs.

Nigeria has a large unbanked population who depend on human-agent networks to carry out financial transactions like sending money and paying bills. Riby is a fintech company that has achieved success by providing the financial infrastructure needed to empower the unbanked population who belong to cooperatives and associations.

As Riby gained more users and partnerships, they realized their suite of products required new features. This was an opportunity to build new products to meet the needs of their customers and partners. This meant they needed to hire more developers to build new product features and help them reach their goals.

Riby was able to hire two high-performing Gigson developers on a full-time basis to build new products and make improvements to their existing ones. The developers have worked on  6 projects over the last six months of the engagement, making it possible for the company to achieve its goals in record time.

Using Gigson, Riby hired two talented developers who have worked on more than 6 projects. They achieved a completion rate of 90 per cent and rapidly released critical fixes while building new products.

The developers fully integrated with the company’s internal team in just two weeks and made a critical update to one of their products, Riby Enumerator. They also fixed an identity capture bug that limited field agents from properly collecting the data of users. Subsequently, the developers worked on several units of the business spanning from their retail products, to enterprise, and other partnership projects. They increased the output of the team and were able to explore new possibilities

We were able to provide the support and feedback needed for the developers to succeed by providing additional value from our managed service offering.

Our talent evaluation and performance monitoring service allowed us to quickly identify shortcomings that tried to limit a seamless integration with the existing team and correct them swiftly. We were also been able to scale the team when needed, in addition to the two developers working on a full-time basis.

Riby has been able to move quickly and seamlessly with its product updates through its on-going partnership with Gigson. They achieved their development goals at 3x the expected speed and are confident they are providing their customers with the best solutions.

Riby is Nigeria’s foremost digital platform for cooperatives and trade groups. They help members of these groups access financial services like savings and loans through their platform.

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