Discovering and Hiring Africa's Tech Talent with Gigson

The tech ecosystem in Africa is filled with incredible ideas and prowess, and it's only getting better. Communities and hubs like FrontPage by Devcenter, Ingressive for Good, and many others are vital in empowering these talents with the tools, skills, and opportunities they need to shine.

Africa's Tech Talent Challenge

As Amin Meqdadi, Head of Mid-Market at SAP Africa, puts it, 

"Access to suitably qualified tech skills stands as one of the most significant challenges confronting African organizations, and the demand for these skills is likely to increase. This increase is fueled by the increasing need for digital tools and processes."

The need for top tech talent is undeniable, but finding the right candidates can be stressful. And that's where Gigson steps in.

How Gigson Helps

Gigson grants you access to the best software developers from Africa. It's a self-service product designed for hiring managers, founders, and anyone looking to hire a software developer(s). With careful selection from a pool of references, you can discover developers who match your budget and meet your specific preferences.

Why Gigson?

A Vast Talent Pool: Gigson draws from Devcenter's 7+ years of expertise in hiring and managing the finest tech talent for both SMEs and enterprises. We've honed our skills to identify the top developers who can make a real impact on your team. This vast pool ensures you have access to the best tech talent solutions for your specific needs.

Take Control: With Gigson Recommend, you're in charge of your hiring process. Connect directly with candidates, assess their skills, and find the perfect fit for your team. This level of control is essential for tech talent recruitment, allowing you to hire the right tech talent efficiently.

Customized for You: We understand that every organization has unique needs. Gigson Recommend is flexible and caters to your specific requirements and budget, ensuring you get candidates who align perfectly with your vision. This approach makes it a top choice for hiring tech talent.

Why Focus on African Tech Talent?

Africa is home to a growing number of tech companies and tech hubs, particularly in West Africa. These hubs are home to African tech entrepreneurs who are making significant strides in the global tech space. Maximising talent in Africa not only helps in finding techs in Africa but also allows access to a diverse talent pool.

The Role of Tech Hiring Platforms

Platforms like Gigson are essential for recruiting tech talent and building a strong tech talent pipeline. By providing access to a large pool of candidates and streamlining the hiring process, Gigson helps companies hire tech talent more efficiently. This is particularly beneficial for US tech companies in Africa looking to expand their operations and tap into the local talent market.

Attracting and Retaining Tech Talent

How to attract tech talent and how to hire more tech employees are crucial questions for any tech hiring manager. Offering competitive compensation, fostering a positive company culture, and providing growth opportunities are key strategies. Additionally, understanding what to look for in hiring a tech company and how to achieve targets in recruitment can significantly enhance your recruitment efforts.

Tech Opportunities in Africa

The rise of tech opportunities in Africa is supported by various African tech hubs and tech companies in West Africa. Identifying the best tech country in Africa for your needs and understanding the local tech landscape can help you make informed decisions. Platforms like Gigson simplify the process of hiring African tech talent, ensuring you find the best candidates quickly and efficiently.


In the competitive landscape of tech hiring, having a robust strategy and the right tools is essential. Gigson offers a comprehensive solution for tech talent recruitment, making it easier to discover and hire Africa's top tech talent. By leveraging platforms like Gigson, you can build a strong and dynamic development team that drives your projects to success.


1. Given the increasing demand for tech skills in Africa, what specific strategies or initiatives does Gigson employ to ensure that it continuously identifies and connects with the best software developers on the continent, particularly those who possess the most sought-after skills and expertise?

Ans: Gigson employs several strategies to continuously identify and connect with the best software developers in Africa. Leveraging Devcenter's 7+ years of expertise in hiring and managing tech talent, Gigson utilizes a rigorous vetting process to assess candidates' skills, experience, and cultural fit. Additionally, Gigson actively engages with tech communities, attends industry events and conferences, and leverages its extensive network to tap into the most sought-after talent pools across the continent.

2. While the article mentions that Gigson allows hiring managers to connect directly with candidates and assess their skills, it doesn't delve into the specific features or tools that Gigson offers to facilitate this process. Could you provide more insights into how Gigson streamlines the candidate selection and assessment process to help hiring managers make informed hiring decisions?

Ans: Gigson offers a range of features and tools to streamline the candidate selection and assessment process for hiring managers. These include a user-friendly platform where hiring managers can create job listings, review candidate profiles, and directly communicate with potential hires. Additionally, Gigson provides assessment tools, such as coding challenges or technical interviews, to evaluate candidates' technical skills and expertise. By facilitating direct interaction between hiring managers and candidates, Gigson ensures a transparent and efficient hiring process.

3. While Gigson emphasizes its flexibility and ability to cater to the specific needs and budget of each organization, it doesn't provide examples or case studies illustrating how it has successfully tailored its services to meet the unique requirements of different clients. Can you share any success stories or examples of how Gigson has customized its solutions to address the hiring needs of specific organizations or industries?

Ans: While specific case studies or examples were not provided in the article, Gigson has a track record of customizing its services to meet the unique needs of different clients. For example, Gigson has worked with startups, SMEs, and enterprises across various industries, including fintech, e-commerce, healthcare, and more. By understanding each organization's specific hiring requirements, Gigson tailors its approach to sourcing, screening, and presenting candidates who align with the company's vision, culture, and budget constraints.

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