How A Dedicated, Talented Gigson Developer Did The Impossible For A FinTech Company

On 5th February 2021, the Nigerian Tech industry woke up to the devastating news that the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) was cracking down on all Fintech platforms which were facilitating cryptocurrency transactions. In a country whose tech talents and landscape was becoming increasingly respected globally for their intelligence, swift delivery and dedication, it came as a huge shock and a final nail on Nigeria’s reputation as the next big destination in the global tech space.

As a result of the announcement, some platforms closed down due to uncertainty while others thought  of how best to ride the wave and emerge dry on the other side. FINT Technologies was one of those who decided a quick change of strategy was needed if they were to survive the current climate and so they reached out to us at Gigson to help make this possible.

As a platform which was created to bridge the credit gap between lenders and borrowers, FINT Technology  was well positioned to become a leader in the Nigerian fintech space and so needed a proactive developer to efficiently reconnect their APIs to prevent interruption of the services being offered to their customers. Enter our Talented Gigson Developer, Daniel (surname), who was immediately deployed to help the FINT team transition smoothly.

Solving Problems The Gigson Way

One of the first things Daniel did was recognize and proffer solutions to the problem of seamlessly integrating the various platforms owned and operated by FINT. He was able to work on 7 Platforms (6 existing and 1 new) which included FINT Main Website, Admin Portal, H.R Portal, Clients Portal, Lenders Portal, Borrowers Portal and a new platform whose main function is to help/allow third-party companies integrate the FINT API onto their own existing platforms. Other problems solved include

- Strengthening the company’s existing security protocols on all their platforms.

- Integration of two new payment platforms (Providus & Flutterwave) to provide continued seamless payment services to new and existing FINT clients.

- Fixing Bugs and issues with third-party integrations on the FINT platforms.

It is noteworthy to mention here that Daniel achieved all these while being the ONLY developer working on the various platforms. He was able to learn the codebase quickly and make the switch with the API within the first two weeks of resumption of duty.



- Due to his dedication and outstanding performance during his trial period, Daniel has been retained by  FINT Technologies as their in-house developer to continue his work on the platform(s)

- FINT Technologies has expressed satisfaction at the services and support provided by the Gigson team and also indicated their willingness to hire more developers from Gigson and collaborate on more projects at a future date

With the cooperation of the FINT team, Gigson’s Talent Evaluation and Performance Monitoring service was able to identify shortcomings that tried to limit the productivity of the team and rectify them immediately thus strengthening our problem-solving knowledge base.

FINT is a financial technology company with a mission to power access to affordable credit and attractive investments for individuals and small businesses in emerging markets.

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