20 Tech Tools every start-up needs in 2024

In 2024, startups face serious competition and the race to access potential customers, and having the right business tools is very important.

Essential tools like AI-powered CRM systems help improve strong customer relationships and are cost-effective, ensuring your bottom lines are healthy while you grow your business.

The early stages of building a startup demand a sharp focus on reaching the target audience through various means like engaging blog posts and optimized landing pages, also by the support of user-friendly content management systems that might even offer a free version (or paid plan) to help manage project resources and team members better.

Tools for startups that improve team collaboration are very important, allowing data-driven decisions through various analytics tools and project management apps that keep everyone on track with business goals.

With the far-reaching use of mobile devices, investing in a mobile app can be a good idea to ensure your services are accessible to a broader audience, laying down a foundation for success in the early stages of your startup by maximising tools designed to track progress, improve efficiency, and ultimately, solve startup problems.

Here's a wide range of tech tools that could be beneficial for startups:

1. For Hiring and Human Resources:

  - Gigson for hiring and collaboration with developers

  - Gusto or Zenefits for payroll processing

2. For Communication and Collaboration:

  - Slack or Microsoft Teams for team communication

  - Zoom or Google Meet for video conferencing

  - Monday.com or ClickUp is a project management tool

3. For Productivity and Office Tools:

  - Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 for email, document collaboration, and cloud storage

  - Notion or Coda for flexible document creation and collaboration

4. For Development and Coding:

  - GitHub for version control and code collaboration

  - Visual Studio Code or JetBrains for coding

  - GitLab for integrated DevOps

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5. For Cloud Services:

   - Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform for cloud infrastructure

6. For Marketing and Analytics:

   - Google Analytics for website analytics

   - Mailchimp or HubSpot for email marketing

   - Buffer or Hootsuite for social media management

7. For Customer Relationship Management (CRM):

   - Salesforce or HubSpot for managing customer relationships

   - Intercom or Zendesk for customer communication

8. For Finance and Accounting:

   - QuickBooks or Xero for accounting

   - Expensify or Rydoo for expense management

9. For Design and Creativity:

   - Adobe Creative Cloud for design (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.)

   - Figma or Sketch for collaborative design

   - Canva for easy graphic design

10. For Security:

    - LastPass is a password management tool

    - VPN services for secure communication

    - Cloudflare for web security and DDoS protection

11. For Collaborative Design and Prototyping:

    - Figma or Sketch for collaborative design

    - InVision for prototyping

12. For Customer Support:

    - Zendesk or Freshdesk for customer support ticketing

    - Drift or LiveChat for live chat support

13. For Legal:

    - DocuSign for electronic signatures

    - Ironclad or Juro for contract management

14. For Project Funding and Finance:

    - Kickstarter for crowdfunding

    - Stripe for online payments

    - Brex or Ramp for corporate credit cards

15. For Business Intelligence:

    - Tableau or Power BI for data visualization

    - Looker for business intelligence and data analytics

16. For Code Deployment:

    - Docker for containerization

    - Jenkins or CircleCI for continuous integration/deployment

    - Kubernetes for container orchestration

17. For Learning and Development:

    - Udemy or Coursera for employee training

    - Degreed for upskilling and continuous learning

18. For Backup and Recovery:

    - Backblaze or CrashPlan for data backup

    - Veeam for comprehensive data protection

19. For Survey and Feedback:

    - SurveyMonkey or Typeform for gathering feedback

    - UserTesting for user experience testing

20. Dev Team Communication and Engagement:

    - Gigson for developer engagement and management.

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